Eilhard Lussier, Sarah Thomas Win Portland Bridge Swim

Eilhard Lussier, Sarah Thomas Win Portland Bridge Swim

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

51 swimmers and 18 relays tackled yesterday’s Portland Bridge Swim, held under ideal conditions.

Race director Marisa Frieder [shown on left] reported, “We put on a kickass race today with perfect weather, glassy water, amazing swimmers, and so many wonderful volunteers.

We had a full field and everybody got out safely. I saw so many beautiful moments and people and swims. It was a great day, I’m proud as hell of our team and what we’ve made, and I am still so grateful to get to do this

Founded in 2011 with 16 swimmers, the Portland Bridge Swim is a 10.7-mile (17.2 km) race through the heart of downtown Portland down Oregon’s Willamette River. The swim is a rare marathon swim in an urban environment.

Daimler Trucks North America has supported and sponsored the race and shared Frieder’s vision since the beginning. “They hosted our relay transfer site at Swan Island this year and provided a long-anticipated improvement in safety infrastructure. We had perfect weather on race day, favorable tides, and glassy 70°F (21°C) water.” 51 solo swimmers and 18 relay teams started the swim and 66 finished with 51-year-old Eilhard (Hardy) Lussier first among the men in 3 hours 48 minutes and 35-year-old Sarah Thomas winning the women’s division in 4 hours 5 minutes.

After steady growth of the swim, registration sold out in May this year as the Portland Bridge Swim has become a destination event for marathon swimmers. We love welcoming them to Portland. This year we had two relay teams of veterans and active-duty military service members, part of the local extension of the Take the Rock Veteran Swim Challenge.

In the last seven years, we’ve hosted 440 individual participants in the Portland Bridge Swim and this year we had 23 repeat swimmers. Relay swimmer Janie Malloy has the most swims, at 6 relays and Laurie Bauder of Seattle and Brian Noble of San Francisco, are tied for the most solo swims at 4.

Brian did the swim this year nursing a broken rib

Next year the Portland Bridge Swim is hosting the United States Masters Swimming National Championship Ultramarathon Distance race, as part of a 3-stage national championship week in Oregon.

Male Results
1. Eilhard (Hardy) Lussier 3:48
2. Karl Kingery 4:05
3. Micheal Hanson 4:12
4. Casey Harmon 4:13
5. Charles Brown 4:15
6. Lee O’Connor 4:28
7. Stephen Sponagle 4:34
8. Jamie Treacy 4:35
9. Brian Noble 4:47 (Wetsuit)
10. Joe Wolf 4:49
11. Chris Baylis 4:49
12. Ken Classen 4:50
13. John Batchelder 4:59
14. John Walker 5:07
15. Andrew Hewitt 5:13
16. Peter Gillis 5:20
17. David Poulshock 5:24 (Wetsuit)
18. Greg van Amerongen 5:25
19. Jeff Morrison 5:34
20. Daemon Anastas 5:36
21. Brian Nemecek 5:56
22. Carlos Vivas 5:59
23. Ross Simmons 6:00
DNF Patrick Grady

Female Results
1. Sarah Thomas 4:05
2. Lisa Gibson 4:17
3. Erin Brown 4:17
4. Laurie Bauder 4:34
5. Sue Phillips 4:37 (Wetsuit)
6. Anicia Criscione 4:40
7. Emily Schmitt 4:41
8. Suzy Jajewski 4:44
9. Voni Oerman 4:46
10. Jayette Pettit 4:48 (Wetsuit)
11. Colby Wolf 4:48
12. Rijl Barber 4:51
13. Cyane Anaya 4:56 (Wetsuit)
14. Devon Clifford 5:01
15. Liz Rosen 5:01
16. Tracy Knight 5:10
17. Jessica Vitcenda 5:17 (Wetsuit)
18. Shannon Keegan 5:22
19. Heather Rodriguez 5:29 (Wetsuit)
20. Dana Katz 5:32 (Wetsuit)
21. Sarah Roberts 5:37
22. Rachel Petersen 5:40
23. Meredith Lux 5:56
24. Catherine Johnson 5:59 (Wetsuit)
25. Gay-lynn Tangdit 6:14 (Wetsuit)
26. Stephanie Hopson 6:25
DNF Heidi Walker

For more information, visit www.portlandbridgeswim.com or contact Marisa Frieder at portlandbridgeswim@gmail.com.

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