Either Eyes Forward Or To The Side

Either Eyes Forward Or To The Side

Penny Palfrey is shown being escorted by Jeff Kozlovich in the red kayak and Richard Clifford in the blue kayak.

Throughout the 41-hour 6-minute swim, Kozlovich and Clifford kept Palfrey at their side as they sighted off of a lead boat setting the course ahead of them.

For her unprecedented 68-mile crossing between Little Cayman and Grand Cayman in the Caribbean Sea, Palrey had a well-oiled flotilla including a lead boat, the main tender where her crew rested and plotted her course, a RIB, 2 kayakers…and a special helicopter delivery of chocolate ice cream that was radioed in from the main tender when the ravages of the salt water started to affect her ability to eat, drink and talk.

Photo by Spike.

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Steven Munatones