Elana Guseva Has Ice In Her Veins And A Warm Heart

Elana Guseva Has Ice In Her Veins And A Warm Heart

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Elena Guseva of Russia is one of the most prolific – and earliest – ice swimmers in history.

Her joy and ability to swim in water below 5ºC apparently knows no boundaries.

Most recently, she participated in Matías Ola‘s International Winter Swimming Festival Argentina where she was able to swim with representatives from South Africa to Sweden.

I cannot get rid of a sense that this event is not just a health celebration and not just a spirit competition. Something bigger has happened to us. We took a chance to glance into the future. We saw such future, where the highest value is common success as opposed to personal success. All of us are different. Our lifestyles differ, our habits differ, our personal qualities differ and our abilities are not the same. But these miraculous days in Argentina showed us what a great capacity of pleasure joy and happiness our unity contains. We are connected and we are interdependent. All of us are in one boat. The new world demands that we reconstruct and upgrade all our systems according to the principles of cooperation and mutual responsibility…”

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