ElShazly - Father And Son - Hall Of Famers On WOWSA Live

ElShazly – Father And Son – Hall Of Famers On WOWSA Live

ElShazly – Father And Son – Hall Of Famers On WOWSA Live

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Captain Nabil ElShazly and his son Nasser Elshazly are both Honor Swimmers in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. Their love of the open water swimming and for each other was clearly evident in the July 5th edition of WOWSA Live with Ned Denison in a short introduction.

A second part will be posted later where Captain Nabil talked about:

* Captain Nabil setting the record in 1962 as an amateur, beating Abou Heif, and winning the Traversée international du Lac St-Jean as a professional in 1964 over Abou Heif and Herman Willemse
* Captain Nabil winning US$50 as he first race as a professional in a 5-mile race
* Captain Nabil swimming in many place between Lake Ontario and Italy (Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli)
* Captain Nabil coaching Abou Heif in Lake Ontario when only Abou Heif and Judith van Berkel-de Nijs were in the water, he pulled from the water with hypothermia
* Captain Nabil competing in a 65 km in Suez Canal in 22 hours 40 minutes in 1960, the only one to finish even with dangerous jellyfish in the water
* Captain Nabil setting a record of 10 hours 4 minutes in Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli which was a record for 19 hours
* Captain Nabil starting 24 Heures de La Tuque at 3 pm in 1965
* Captain Nabil coaching his son Nasser who set a record of 8 hours 45 minutes across the English Channel and Mohamed Marouf who set the International Self-Transcendence Marathon-Schwimmen record in Lake Zurich
* Captain Nabil losing his wife in 1966 so he could not race or travel and not competing in 1967 because of war
* Captain Nabil coaching and rowing for a swimmer whose escort boat had problems so he jumped off into a rowing boat and used his compass to guide the swimmer until the escort boat was fixed
* Nasser competing in the 1970s and 1980s against John Kinsella, Sid Cassidy, James Kegley, Philip Rush, Claudio Plit, Paul Asmuth, and Irene van der Laan
* Nasser leading Claudio Plit until the end of the two-way crossing of the lac St-Jean

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