Emily The Robot Can Save Lives In The Open Water

Emily The Robot Can Save Lives In The Open Water

Emily The Robot can save lives in the open water. Emily swims fast – actually she flies through the water – in order to save distressed swimmers.

CNN ran broadcast a video on Emily and its naval technology. This summer’s model is remote controlled by a human lifeguard onshore, but by next year, the 2011 models will be a full automatic.

At US$3,500, Emily is not an inexpensive alternative to human lifeguards, but she sure travels faster – about six times faster due to her engine and Jet Ski impeller, capable of speeds up to 28 mph.

This may be a wise investment for some open water swim organizations that are focused on safety in large bodies of water – especially as the athletes are stretched out in a conga line along a seashore or lake. Emily has already been distributed to several municipalities.

While a typical triathlon or mass participation open water swim may have too many people in close proximity for Emily to be useful, and we are not sure how Emily will distinguish between a truly distressed swimmer and a mass of inexperienced swimmers towards the back of a pack, but it only takes one saving to make it all worthwhile.

Watch the CNN video here.

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