Emma Takes On Ederle From Manhattan To Sandy Hook

Emma Takes On Ederle From Manhattan To Sandy Hook

The history of swimming between Manhattan Island in New York and Sandy Hook in New Jersey dates back almost 100 years.

The course has become increasingly popular since NYC Swim’s first Ederle Swim in 2006.

In 2011, Liz Fry set the records for one-way swims in both directions. Later, local New Yorker Lance Ogren broke the overall course record for Manhattan to Sandy Hook, while Californian Evan Morrison lowered the record for Sandy Hook to Manhattan.

Today, Emma Otto-Moudry is attempting to bring back the Sandy Hook-to-Manhattan record to the female gender.

Under the guidance of NYC Swim, the 17-year-old from Ithaca, New York fresh off of her recent top-five finish in the 2012 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim will take advantage of a favorable tide and has an excellent shot to break her own the women’s course record of 5 hours 36 minutes as well as Morrison’s overall record of 5 hours 24 minutes.

Fans can follow Emma‘s progress on the GPS Tracking page (here) starting at 3:40 pm New York time.

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Steven Munatones