Endlessly Working On Leg Strength

Endlessly Working On Leg Strength

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

When we think of swimmers with great kicking ability throughout open water swimming history, we automatically think of swimmers like Greta Andersen, Larisa Ilchenko and Jordan Wilimovsky.

These swimmers always have great body position and always remain streamlined and balanced in the water, whether it was in the beginning, middle or end of a race in fresh water or salt, in rough water or tranquil conditions.

In talking to Andersen and observing Ilchenko and Wilimovsky train, we know first-hand that these athletes really worked on their kick and leg strength. It was not a natural talent, but a well-developed asset. They just do not let their legs drag behind them, but they see their lower body as a great means of propulsion and balance.

Similarly, all of the pre-race Olympic medalist hopefuls going into the 2016 Rio Olympic Games have great leg strength.

Like in a standard pool or in the open water, kicking ability can all be enhanced during workouts in an Endless Pool, both with and without a kickboard.

Open water swimmers Lexie Kelly and Cass of Mission Viejo Masters are shown above working out in an Endless Pool.

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