Eney's Endless Endurance Exercise

Eney’s Endless Endurance Exercise

Some swimmers with significant means build a pool on their property and others invest in an Endless Pool.

But open water swimmer and coach Eney Jones is one in tune with nature…and goes a step further.

In her front yard in Colorado, Boulder Creek sits there in the foreground of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Then as spring and summer rolls around, the snow melts and a tremendous amount of mountain run-off comes pouring down as it flows to the lower altitudes.

The last week in June and first week in July are perfect,” explains one of the fastest 50+ open water swimmers on the planet. Perfect for what?

I can go 23 minutes. If I had stronger mental fortitude and not sitcom mentality – 23 minutes – I could go longer. I am sure all the top open water kids could.” Could do what?

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