Enjoying The Sun Along With A Dose Of Vitamin D

Enjoying The Sun Along With A Dose Of Vitamin D

Exposure Scientific has developed innovative and patent-pending skincare products that are formulated to permit the body to synthesize vitamin D while blocking harmful, unwanted rays of light. The skincare products include sunscreens, daily-use moisturizers, lotions and other products with SPF factors.

Vitamin D is made in large quantities by the human body when certain wavelengths light penetrate the skin. Traditional sunscreens and products with SPF factors, however, have been shown in studies to seriously impair the cutaneous production of vitamin D.

Problem Number 1: An alarmingly high percentage of people in Australia, Canada, European Union, Japan, New Zealand and the United States suffer from vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.

The problem is a result of living indoors, behind glass and wearing long clothing. Before buildings and an indoor lifestyle became commonplace, humans got the vast majority of their vitamin D by exposure to sunshine. To compound matters the only chance many working people and students get to make vitamin D in their skin is during their outdoor weekend activities – but this is just the time when they impair their skin’s ability to make vitamin D by coating it with traditional sunscreens and products with SPF factors.

Problem Number 2: Dermatologists often warn of the danger of harmful rays of light penetrating the skin, with wrinkles, photo-aging and skin cancers resulting from excessive exposure.

The solution: Reducing the harmful rays of the sun, but allowing the body to synthesize the vitamin D with Exposure Scientific’s RadianD.

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