Epic Success of the "Port-Burgas" International Swimming Marathon in Bulgaria

Epic Success of the “Port-Burgas” International Swimming Marathon in Bulgaria

The third edition of the International Swimming Marathon “Port-Burgas” in Bulgaria on July 8, 2023 was a great success. With nearly 200 swimmers from 7 countries, the event proved to be a wonderful showcase of open water athleticism.

The marathon was organized by the Swimming Sports Club “Pobeda” / KPS Pobeda, under the leadership of the first Bulgarian to do the Strait of Gibraltar, Tsanko Tsankov and the meticulous guidance of chief referee Nikola Savatinov. The uniqueness of the course is the closed space around the Marine Station, the calm waters and the absence of underwater currents.

“This is the competition with the highest ranking in Bulgaria in open water swimming. For me, the swimming marathon is a dream come true for my hometown to host such a competition. Burgas has great potential in this direction. We have a request that the competition become the most the mass in open water in our country. The course this year has been slightly changed to make it more attractive for the swimming marathon. It will consist of 5 buoys arranged in a straight line 50 meters apart from each other. As the competitors will move, going around the buoys with the left shoulder. The length of one lap is 500 meters. Competitors who will take part in the 1,000 meters must complete two complete laps of the course.”

Tsanko Tsankov (Source)

In the men’s 1000-meter race, Radoslav Todorov claimed the gold medal with a time of 11 minutes and 04 seconds. Not far behind, Kaloyan Podgorski secured the silver medal in a time of 11.08 minutes. The bronze medal was earned by the Angel Margaritov, who clocked in at 11.14 minutes.

In the women’s division of the same distance, Kalina Zaharieva carved her path to victory, crossing the finish line with a time of 11.19 minutes. Liliyana Georgieva captured the silver medal with a time of 11.28 minutes, while Boyana Kircheva’s secured her the bronze medal, completing the race in 11.40 minutes.

Pushing their limits even further, participants from the 1000-meter race embraced the challenge of the 3000-meter race. Angel Margaritov’s dominated the men’s category, completing the course in 32 minutes and 23 seconds. Kaloyan Podgorski impressive performance captured the silver medal with a time of 32.29 minutes, while Georgi Yanev’s performance earned him the bronze medal, finishing the race in 33.35 minutes.

Kalina Zaharieva’s dominance extended to the long-distance 3 km race, where she emerged as the champion, clocking in at a time of 33 minutes and 11 seconds. Liliyana Georgieva’s secured the silver medal, completing the course in 33.35 minutes, while Alexandra Vachkova earned the bronze medal with a time of 35.00 minutes.

Beyond the podium, accolades were given to the talented swimmers who achieved noteworthy finishes between 4th and 6th place in both the men’s and women’s categories of the 1000 and 3000-meter races. Recognition was also given to Maxim Popchev, as the standout swimmer from Burgas. There were participants from 10 years old to 77 years old Todor Todorov who received applause after coming out of the water at 1000 meters with an unforgettable flag from 1964, when he finished as the winner in the swimming marathon of Burgas.

The organizers extend their heartfelt appreciation to the support and contributions of the Municipality of Burgas, the Port of Burgas, the Bulgarian Navy, and Port Infrastructure PLC. The event’s prize fund amounted to 20,000 Bulgarian Leva ($11,250), and all participants were rewarded with specially made medals and commemorative t-shirts. The races attracted a substantial audience of nearly 2000 spectators who witnessed the thrilling competition.

For a comprehensive view of the final rankings and to relive the captivating moments from this great open water swimming event, please visit the official marathon website at www.burgasmarathon.com

International Swimming Marathon “Port-Burgas” is a WOWSA certified event. You can also view the race results on WOWSA.