Escort Pilots To Be Nominated And Honoured

Escort Pilots To Be Nominated And Honoured

After reading about the courageous and skilled mariners who have been inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as Honour Pilots, we also think of many more escort pilots who should be nominated for the Hall of Fame: pilots from the North Channel, Catalina Channel, Farallon Islands (especially those pioneers in the 1960s), Manhattan Island, Hawaiian Islands, Jersey, Rottnest Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, South Africa with the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association, Atlantic City (especially those men back in the day), Cook Strait, Lake Tahoe, Lake Zurich, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan (especially those from the 1960 races), Windermere, Loch Ness, etc.

At this time, there are 8 men who are currently inducted in the Hall of Fame as pilots:

* Reg Brickell, Sr., Great Britain, inducted 2003
* Reg Brickell, Jr., Great Britain, inducted 2009
* Ray Brickell, Great Britain, inducted 2009
* Captain Leonard Hutchinson, Great Britain, inducted 2004
* William J. Long, Great Britain, inducted 2004
* Michael Oram, Great Britain, inducted 2005
* Duncan Taylor, Great Britain, inducted 2005
* David Whyte, Great Britain, inducted 2007

When we think of the pilots who took a swimmer across a body of water for the first time, the pilots who year in and year out take swimmers around islands and across channels, and the pilots who stay up all night long protecting and guiding a swimmer, we know there are talented and dedicated individuals who are as passionate about the open water swimming as the swimmers.

If you know of any individuals who are deserving of induction (active or retired, living or deceased), please feel free to contact the Nomination Secretary, Christopher Guesdon, using this form here.

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