eSharkForce Offers Free Shark Protection Units

eSharkForce Offers Free Shark Protection Units

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Wilson Vinano Jr. is the visionary behind the Electronic Shark Defense System (ESDS) and 808 eSharkForce, an easy-to-carry and easy-to-swim-with shark deterrent system.

Linda Kaiser and the Kaiwi Channel Swimmers Association have teamed up with 808eSharkForce and Vinano to extend an unprecedented invitation to all channel swimmers. “808eSharkForce will loan any channel swimmer a unit [the eSharkForce Ultimate Shark Protection] for them to use while attempting a crossing of any channel,” explains Kaiser who has experienced a number of shark encounters throughout her decades-long career of channel swimming between the Hawaiian islands.

All the swimmers are asked to do in return for the free use is to provide a testimonial. Brand new eSharkForce units will be available by late September. Anyone interested in this offer can contact Wilson at

The unit wraps around the swimmer’s ankle and emits an electronic pulse to keep sharks away. Adam Walker used one. It is a great opportunity for swimmers to try this at no cost

Walker gave the unit a great testimonial. “I wore the eSharkForce unit during the Molokai Strait in Hawaii around my ankle. The model didn’t have a leash attached and weighted less than a kilogram. It activates when it hits water. There were also a couple of units dangled over the side. The units kept me feeling safe in my 17 hours of swimming even though I had two separate shark sightings. They kept their distance. I believe the unit was a major factor in this.

I had a similar sighting across the Tsugaru Channel in Japan where I saw one deep down underneath me and soon moved on during my 15 hour 30 minutes of swimming. This is a fantastic safety measure to help keep human beings safe and for the conservation of sharks to keep them protected. It gave me a lot of confidence.

The important thing about these devices are they have been approved to not be harmful to sharks. This is why I used them as a preventive measure.”

For more information, contact Wilson at or visit

Vinano received a patent for his Electronic shark deterrent: An Electronic Shark Deterrent provides protection from, and for, sharks and other aquatic creatures. Compact low power circuitry generates high voltage periodic pulse train bursts, disturbing the electroreceptors of the aquatic Elasmobranchi subclass. A train of thirty 33 us 250 Volt (V) electric pulses lasting one second is produced every six seconds. The device is fully portable, requiring no bulky activity impeding buoys, cords, or external power supplies. Advanced circuitry is compact enough to be worn on a watch sized band or attached to garments and recreation or safety equipment. The deterrent can be used in a fixed configuration to protect fish farms and vacation resort swimming areas. It can be affixed to offshore oil rigs and research stations to protect workers. The Electronic Shark Deterrent is compact and portable enough to be used on longlines, trawls and gillnets to reduce the numbers of endangered aquatic creatures unnecessarily destroyed as bycatch.

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