Esteban Enderica Salgado Wins Pan American Games

Esteban Enderica Salgado Wins Pan American Games

Esteban Enderica Salgado Wins Pan American Games

Courtesy of WOWSA, Laguna Bujama, Lima, Peru.

Esteban Enderica Salgado of Ecuador won a bronze medal at the XVII Pan American Games 10 km race in 2015, but he won the gold medal going away in 1:53:46.7. Guillermo Bértola of Argentina was 2nd in 1:54.00.0.

Taylor Abbott of the USA was third in 1:54:02.7.

23-year-old Jon McKay, who raced at the FINA World Swimming Championships last month, second-guessed his 7th-place finish, “I saw an opportunity where everybody seemed timid to go and I decided that would be a good time to try and push the pace a bit. But it was probably one lap too early. I was confident that I could keep the pace I was going. Definitely by the end I was gassed, I was limping past that finish line. If I had waited another lap, I think I could have won it.”

Mark Perry, Swimming Canada’s distance and open water coach, talked about McKay’s strategy, “At this level, if you go too soon and misjudge your energy you are going to get caught. He probably could have been on the podium if he hadn’t got his strategy wrong. It was a very brave swim.”

Teammate Raben Dommann of North Vancouver took 10th in the 20-man field, “I put myself in a pretty good position in the beginning. The pace picked up and it was a struggle to stay in there. I’m not sure if it was hydration or I was just working too hard in the front half.”

10 km Marathon Swim Results:
Gold: Esteban Enderica Salgado (Ecuador) 1:53:46.7
Silver: Guillermo Bértola (Argentina) 1:54:00.0
Bronze: Taylor Abbott (USA) 1:54:02.7
4. Victor Colonese (Brazil) 1:54:03.6
5. David Farinango (Ecuador) 1:54:05.8
6. Franco Cassini (Argentina) 1:54:06.2
7. Jon McKay (Canada) 1:54:19.5
8. Diego Vera (Venezuela) 1:54:36.0
9. Arturo Pérez Vertti (Mexico) 1:55:31.7
10. Raben Dommann (Canada) 1:55:33.1
11. Theodore Smith (USA) 1:57:27.6
12. Fernando Betanzos (Mexico) 2:01:50.4
13. Allan do Carmo (Brazil) 2:03:33.5
14. Diego Serida (Peru) 2:04:09.1
15. Cristian Vidal (Cuba) 2:07:31.4
16. David Marroquín (Guatemala) 2:09:48.3
17. José Reyes Saravia (Guatemala) 2:09:49.0
18. Nector Segovia (El Salvador) 2:13:21.0
19. Cristofer Lanuza (Costa Rica) 2:19:26.5
DNF Rodolfo Falcón Jr. (Cuba)

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