European Aquatics Championships Belgrade 2024: Gregorio Paltrinieri Triumphs in 10k, Marc-Antoine Olivier and David Betlehem Claim Podium Spots

European Aquatics Championships Belgrade 2024: Gregorio Paltrinieri Triumphs in 10k, Marc-Antoine Olivier and David Betlehem Claim Podium Spots

The European Aquatics Championships took place in Belgrade, Serbia on June 12, 2024. The first open water event took place at the Ada Ciganlija regatta course. Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieri won the men’s 10km race. He crossed the finish line 21 seconds before France’s Marc-Antoine Olivier and Hungary’s David Betlehem. Reflecting on his performance, Paltrinieri said,

“It was hard when we turned onto the last lap, at the buoys I was between Domenico (Acerenza) and Marc (Olivier) and I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I just wanted to swim alone, so as soon as we took the turn, I immediately cut inside as I knew I was able to do a very fast sprint. It worked, so everything turned out really well here.”

The race saw Paltrinieri take the lead early in the third lap, maintaining a high pace. By the final lap he took an inside path, building a gap that the chasing pack could not close. Paltrinieri’s winning time was 1:49:19.6, with Olivier finishing in 1:49:41.0 and Betlehem clocking in at 1:49:41.2.

Olivier secured his third consecutive European silver medal, saying,

“The race was great, the course was great and I’m happy with this medal. There are still five weeks until the Olympics, so this was a very good test. The lead was changing constantly and we had a good fight for the medals and I’m glad that I could clinch the silver.”

Betlehem finished at the same time as Domenico Acerenza. But, he was declared the bronze medalist. He expressed relief at finally securing a major individual medal.

“Finally, I got this medal, it’s a really great feeling, after so many fourth, fifth, sixth-place finishes at the major events, it’s awesome to stand on the podium at the European Championships after a 10km race.”

Men 10K Results

RankNameCountryTimeTime Difference
1Gregorio PALTRINIERIITA1:49:19.60.0
2Marc-Antoine OLIVIERFRA1:49:41.0+21.4
3David BETLEHEMHUN1:49:41.2+21.6
4Domenico ACERENZAITA1:49:41.2+21.6
5Dario VERANIITA1:49:41.5+21.9
6Hector PARDOEGBR1:49:45.3+25.7
7Athanasios Charalampos KYNIGAKISGRE1:49:46.2+26.6
8Niklas FRACHGER1:49:48.7+29.1
9Kristof RASOVSZKYHUN1:49:53.8+34.2
10Sacha VELLYFRA1:49:57.3+37.7
11Jonas Claus KUSCHEGER1:50:16.8+57.2
12Jan HERCOGAUT1:50:25.7+1:06.1
13Matan RODITIISR1:50:46.4+1:26.8
14Tobias ROBINSONGBR1:52:27.4+3:07.8
15Logan VANHUYSBEL1:53:11.8+3:52.2
16Guillem PUJOL BELMONTEESP1:53:12.7+3:53.1
17Piotr WOZNIAKPOL1:53:22.3+4:02.7
18Noah LERCHGER1:53:55.1+4:35.5
19Diogo CARDOSOPOR1:53:58.6+4:39.0
20Adam MROZPOL1:53:59.0+4:39.4
21Jean-Baptiste CLUSMANFRA1:54:17.9+4:58.3
22Alejandro PUEBLA MARTINEZESP1:57:12.6+7:53.0
23Christian SCHREIBERSUI1:57:31.0+8:11.4
24Martin STRAKACZE1:57:57.6+8:38.0
25Ioannis SKARISGRE1:58:25.2+9:05.6
26Matej KOZUBEKCZE1:58:33.6+9:14.0
27Yonatan AHDUTISR2:01:14.0+11:54.4
28Ziv COHENISR2:03:54.2+14:34.6
29Richard URBANSVK2:12:39.1+23:19.5

Race results

Photo credit: European Aquatics