European Drafting, Positioning, Navigating Skill Start Young

European Drafting, Positioning, Navigating Skill Start Young

At the elite levels, European professional marathon swimmers are known to use every tactical advantage possible as they draft, position and navigate themselves as well as anyone else in the world.

The roots of their abilities are developed and encouraged early.

As the 2010 European Junior Championship in Hoorn, Netherlands on August 2nd, a three-person, mixed-gender 3K Team Pursuit gives hints why the elite swimmers are so strategic in their open water swims. The top teams included the following:

1. FRANCE with Vincent Fraysse, Alenis Busolin, Corali Codevelle: 35:52.39
2. SPAIN with Pedro Fontcuberta, Albert Alemany, Elvira Sanchez: 36:20.79
3. GERMANY with Taina Raezke, Florian Dorries, Manuel Belzer: 36:23,47
4. ITALY with Federico Vanelli, Mario Sanzullo, Nicole Cirillo: 36:31,86
5. GREAT BRITAIN with Thomas Allen, Jack Burnell, Emma Graham: 36:36,50
6. RUSSIA with Anastasia Krapivina, Kirilli Abrosimov, Aleksei Solpekofskii: 37:02,26
7. SLOVENIA with Jan Karel Petric, Jurre Vidmar, Neja Skufca: 37:11.60
8. UKRAINE with Tetiana Marfynets, Dmytro Pozhydaiev, Volodymyr Voronko: 38:33,58
9. GREECE with Athanasios Chronis, Nikolaos Simantiras, Vasiliki Pappa: 38:52,22
10. ISRAEL with Shahar Resman, Yuval Safra, Efrat Rotsztejn: 39:54,00

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