Eva Fabian And Christine Jennings Heading To Shanghai

Eva Fabian And Christine Jennings Heading To Shanghai

Incoming Yale University freshman Eva Fabian and former Minnesota Gopher Christine Jennings went 1-2 at the 2011 USA Swimming National 10K Open Water Swimming Championships in the rough water conditions of Fort Lauderdale.

Fighting cross-currents, 2-4 foot waves and constant whitecaps the entire distance, Eva and Christine pushed the pace throughout the 10K and will represent the USA at the 2011 World Swimming Championships with the opportunity to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics.

The two swimmers battled each other and the elements which will prepare them well for the upcoming World Swimming Championships in Shanghai – where both of them will be swimming in the hopes of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics.

Official results:

  1. Fabian, Eva (Greenwood Memorial Swim Club-NE) 02:18:31.2
  2. Jennings, Christine (Mission Viejo Nadadores-CA) 02:18:33.0
  3. Twichell, Ashley (Duke Aquatics-NC) 02:18:36.7
  4. Anderson, Haley (Trojan Swim Club-CA) 02:18:52.7
  5. Thompson, Claire (West Florida Lightning Aquatics-FL) 02:19:01.2
  6. Brunemann, Emily (FAST Swim Team-CA) 02:19:18.1
  7. Iriondo, Damaris (Fort Lauderdale Aquatics-FG) 02:23:24.8
  8. Baxter, Tristin (Clovis Swim Club-CC) 02:24:30.1
  9. Flickinger, Hali (York YMCA-MA) 02:24:34.7
  10. Ryan, Gillian (Parkland Aquatic Club-MA) 02:24:59.6
  11. Mann, Becca (Clearwater Aquatic Team-FL) 02:25:00.3
  12. Brandon, Bonnie (Mission Aurora Colorado Swimmi-CO) 02:25:24.7
  13. Brown, Allison (Pleasanton Seahawks-PC) 02:25:28.4
  14. George, Heidi (Los Altos & Mountain View A.C.-PC) 02:25:31.9
  15. Pawlowicz, Kaitlin (Curl Burke Swim Club-PV) 02:25:42.9
  16. Morford, Lauren (Hydroquatics-MR) 02:27:34.7
  17. O’Connor, Rose (Duke Aquatics-NC) 02:28:08.5
  18. Heim, Jessica (College Area Swim Team-SI) 02:29:09.4
  19. Woolbright, Kate (Unattached) 02:31:59.8
  20. Thatcher, Zoe (Mason Manta Rays-OH) 02:33:29.5
  21. Wolf, Jessica (Waukesha Express Swim Team-WI) 02:33:31.5
  22. Emig, Briana (Fort Lauderdale Aquatics-FG) 02:33:33.1
  23. Hine, Lauren (North Baltimore Aquatic Club-MD) 02:36:40.2
  24. Hancock, Jordan (First Colony Swim Team, Inc.-GU) 02:36:40.2
  25. Hojan Clark, Kelsey (Elmbrook Swim Club-WI) 02:36:53.8
  26. Phillips, Adrienne (WSY Swimming-MA) 02:36:55.9
  27. Matevish, Lauren (Unattached) 02:37:02.1
  28. Herich, Lauren (Northern KY Clippers Swimming-OH) 02:37:05.0
  • DNF: Bowden, Bailey (Tampa Bay Community Aquatics-FL)
  • DNF: Chin, Abby (Upper Arlington Swim Club-OH)
  • DNF: Dyer, Jacy (Greater Toledo Aquatic Club-OH)
  • DNF: Herbst, Kelsey (Team Pittsburgh Aquatics-AM)
  • DNF: Jordan, Lauren (Carmel Swim Club-IN)
  • DNF: Knowles, Rachel (Pleasanton Seahawks-PC)
  • DNF: Loht, Claire (WSY Swimming-MA)
  • DNF: Miller, Genevieve (Northwest NC YMCA Riptyde-NC)
  • DNF: Molloy, Kiera (YMCA of the Triangle Area Swim-NC)
  • DNF: Tommerdahl, Lissa (Minnesota Aquatics-MN)
  • DNF: Valley, Danielle (Sarasota YMCA Sharks-FL)
  • DNF: Vernon, Nicole (Delaware Swim Team-MA)

2011 USA Swimming 10K National Championships from Jarret Streiner

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