Evan Morrison Sets Record At Ederle Swim

Evan Morrison Sets Record At Ederle Swim

31-year-old Evan Morrison from Goleta, California set the record in the Ederle Swim this weekend with a 5 hour 24 minute effort from Sandy Hook, New Jersey to Manhattan Island, New York. He broke the existing record of 6:06 by Liz Fry as did 16-year old Emma Otto-Moudry who finished second in 5:36.

The swim, originally scheduled for Saturday, was postponed due to storms and a small craft advisory. Sunday’s race saw 16 of the 19 swimmers finish the 17.5-mile race. “The swim was a study in contrasts. We started at the low-lying spit of Sandy Hook and swam towards the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan. We encountered the dark blue-green hue of the Lower Bay and the muddy Hudson brown of the Upper Bay.

We faced the tailwind-aided waves of the start and the confused chop of the finish. There were tiny swimmers next to enormous barges and cruise ships
,” described Evan.

I was drawn to the Ederle Swim as a low-key denouement for a busy season of marathon swimming (which also included 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and the Catalina Channel). I always enjoy spending time in New York, and with the good people of CIBBOWS. One can always count on a well-run event from NYC Swim.” And Evan knows his history – and luminaries in the sport when he sees them.

I didn’t see Emma behind me – unfortunately the chop was too “busy” to see much of anything. I did, however, get to meet her coach, Penny Lee Dean, which was a special privilege.”

Photo of Evan Morrison above is courtesy of Kathy Langdon. Photo of Janet Harris (5th overall) as she approached Manhattan is courtesy of Vlad Brezina.

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