Evans, Erikson And Lenning – Three With The Right Stuff

Craig Lenning did the remarkable when he swam from the Farallons Island to Muir Beach – 14 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge – in 15 hours 46 minutes.

His swim was deservedly praised throughout the global open water swimming community. It was an monumental effort in one of the toughest stretches of waters in the world. His support crew had experience to the brim (Vito Bialla, David Holscher, Patrick Horn, Jamie Patrick and Evan Morrison), the technology and weather-forecasting tools to select his window were top-notch, and he trained like few others – in cold-water lakes at high altitude in the mountain state of Colorado.

If there was anyone capable of achieving this swim, it was Lenning.

But it also calls to mind, the two men nearly half a century before who also successfully made the swim: Stewart Evans (13 hours 44 minutes) and Ted Erikson (14 hours 38 minutes). These two were pioneers far ahead of their time – intrepid swimmers with big goals. “I thought a lot about Stu and Ted during the swim,” recalled Lenning. “It was much easier for me to swim knowing it was possible to do.”

The trio of swimmers – Evans, Erikson and Lenning – are remarkable men with clearly the Right Stuff.

Courtesy of Vito Bialla from the Night Train Swimmers on Vimeo. Copyright © 2014 by World Open Water Swimming Association
Steven Munatones