Evgeny Drattsev Wins Traversée du lac Mégantic

Evgeny Drattsev Wins Traversée du lac Mégantic

Evgeny Drattsev won the 6th Traversée Internationale du Lac Mégantic.

The 10km professional marathon swim was held in beautiful Lac Mégantic in Québec, Canada.

2008 Olympian Drattsev turned the tables on Christian Reichert who won the traditional 1km sprint race the night before in the 23°C (73°F) water.

In contrast to other races on the FINA 10Km Marathon Swimming World Cup, each swimmer was accompanied by a kayak with a trained escort who was responsible for course direction and feeding the swimmer over the point-to-point course. This course configuration led to the immediate elimination of the large packs of swimmers that typically forms. Near the 5 km mark, a long line of swimmers and a smaller splinter group opted to swim different lines to the finish. When the two groups merged, Drattsev had a 60m lead that he never surrendered to second-place Reichert or third-place Allan Do Carmo.

Throughout the course, the swimmers were enthusiastically supported by fans onshore and in marine vessels of all sorts.

The final results:

1. Evgeny Drattsev (RUS) 1:59:02.42
2. Christian Reichert (GER) 1:59:40.59
3. Allan Do Carmo (BRA) 2:00:00.26
4. Trent Grimsey (AUS) 2:00:02.49
5. Davy Billiau (BEL) 2:02:13.05
6. Samuel De Bona (BRA) 2:02:13.36
7. Matheus Evanglista (BRA) 2:02:15.61
8. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 2:02:19.03
9. Victor Colonese (BRA) 2:02:33.22
10. Xavier Desharnais (CAN) 2:02:41.59
11. Aimeson King (CAN) 2:06:10.66
12. Luciano Martin Sales Rubio (ARG) 2:06:22.88
13. Felipe Gonçalves (BRA) 2:07:06.98
14. Victor Simoes (BRA) 2:11:20.04
15. Nicolas Matte-Savard (CAN) 2:11:37.22
16. Samuel Matte (CAN) 2:11:45.15
17. Filippo Pupulin (ITA) 2:11:48.87
18. Gabriel Pouliot (CAN) 2:14:16.66
19. Brandon Johnson (USA) 2:14:18.87

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