Exciting Developments at the Tsugaru Strait: A New Era of Open Water Swimming

Exciting Developments at the Tsugaru Strait: A New Era of Open Water Swimming

In a significant move that promises to elevate Tsugaru Strait as a destination for open water swimming, Nakadomari Town has announced a strategic enhancement to its management and promotion of the challenging channel. The Tsugaru Strait lies between Honshu and Hokkaido. The strait features a fast current flowing from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean. The approximately 30-kilometer course from Kodomari Cape in Nakadomari Town to Fukushima Town in Hokkaido is part of the “Oceans Seven” and is notorious for its demanding conditions and strong currents, offering one of the most exhilarating challenges for open water swimmers worldwide.

In a ceremony held on May 28, Mayor Toyomitsu Hamadate officially appointed Haruyuki Ishii and Yasushi Uda as advisors to help spearhead this new initiative. Ishii brings a wealth of experience as a having successfully guided numerous swimmers across the Tsugaru Strait. Uda, appointed as the Tsugaru Strait Exchange Advisor, will focus on enhancing the strait’s appeal and fostering regional revitalization through increased tourism.

Yasushi Uda expressed enthusiasm about the potential for the region, stating, “To revitalize the region, we hope to promote the Tsugaru Strait, attracting many people from around the world and Japan to swim here.”

Haruyuki Ishii highlighted the unique appeal of the strait, remarking,

“The Tsugaru Strait is unique due to its fast one-way current, which makes it particularly difficult. The sense of achievement is extraordinary.” He added, “I hope that Nakadomari Town’s involvement in supporting the Tsugaru Strait Open Water Swimming will boost interest in the sport. I encourage the town to make full use of my knowledge of open water swimming.”

This year four swimmers are scheduled to attempt the crossing this coming June and July, supported by the town.

A Bright Future for Tsugaru Strait Swims

This new development is part of a broader strategy by Nakadomari Town to not only maintain the tradition of the Tsugaru Strait crossings but also to expand its capacity to welcome more swimmers each year. By collaborating closely with Fukushima Town on the opposite shore in Hokkaido, the advisors aim to enhance exchanges and create a more robust support system for swimmers.

These efforts mark a pivotal moment for the Tsugaru Strait, transforming it from a niche challenge known only to the most daring of swimmers into a globally recognized and accessible venue for open water swimming. With the support of Ishii and Uda, along with the backing of local government, the Tsugaru Strait is set to become a beacon for swimmers and tourists from all over the world, further enriching the cultural and economic landscape of the region.

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