Exclusive Sea Swimming Zone In Turks & Caicos

Exclusive Sea Swimming Zone In Turks & Caicos

Ben Stubenberg, Co-Race Director of the Turks & Caicos Race for the Conch Eco-SeaSwim, was instrumental in planning and developing the Caribbean Sea’s first exclusive open water swimming zone beginning in 2011. “In 2012, we put in the first open water swimming training zone in front of one of the Alexandra Hotel in Provo during the second week of January.

The idea was to provide a safe, cordoned area, in a triangular configuration, where swimmers can practice their open water swimming skills between measured buoys in the sea,” explained Stubenberg.

Based on the guidance received from the Turks & Caicos Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, Stubenberg anchored the buoys in an environmentally friendly manner by using special pins that will be augered into the sand. “There will be no more cement blocks and I specially ordered cylindrical yellow polyurethane buoys from a manufacturer in British Columbia, Canada.

The intention is to give swimmers a safe environment to practice all open water swimming skills while measuring the distance they have covered. The idea was born out of frustration at not being able to get in a good swim workout while on vacation without risking being hit by a boat. It is especially great to see the Sports Commission and the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources’ support of open water swim training and racing in Turks & Caicos..”

With this exclusive open water swimming zone, Caicu Naniki (meaning “island reef where the festive spirit lives“) will offer half-day swim safaris that give swimmers an opportunity to swim along the nearby cays or out to the reef while being closely followed by a boat and kayak. “This is another way to get in a good workout,” explained Stubenberg who also serves president of the Turks & Caicos Islands Swim Federation. “Swimmers can test themselves in open water conditions for a particular time or distance while enjoying the turquoise water and nice beaches. A 45-foot charter catamaran will provide special swim charters through the Caicos Cays.”

Photo above by Agile LeVin shows sea swimmers Ben Stubenberg, Becci Gardiner, and Dan Redmond practicing in Turks & Caicos for the Race for the Conch Eco-SeaSwim. For more information of the event, visit www.ecoseaswim.com.

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