Exercise And Employment From Shore To Shore

Exercise And Employment From Shore To Shore

As we stand onshore observing open water swims from Pietermaritzburg in South Africa to Treasure Island in Fiji, we are constantly reminded of the innumerable amount of professionals passionate about open water swimming.

These individuals are personable, hard-working stalwarts of society including nurses who cross channels, firefighters who go beyond what people think possible, teachers in their 50’s, architects, salesmen, and administrators.

Those swimmers are good, dependent friends. They are friendly, excellent neighbors. They are humble, generous role models. They comprise of a solid demographic group of individuals living a healthful lifestyle. Some compete while others merely swim for fitness and enjoyment.

As Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote, “There is no craving or demand of the human mind more constant and insatiable than that for exercise and employment. And this desire seems the foundation of most of our passions and pursuits.”

Hume seems to have nailed a broad-brushed definition of what drives many open water swimmers who we have met from shore to shore.

Photo shows the Midmar Dam where the Midmar Mile is conducted annually in February.

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Steven Munatones