Expect No Fans In The Stands At The Tokyo Paralympic Games

Expect No Fans In The Stands At The Tokyo Paralympic Games

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues to increase in Japan, it appears increasingly likely that the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games will be held without spectators.

While the last few days of the Tokyo Olympics started to see more and more athletes and fans in the Olympic venue last week, the Organizing Committee will make a decision on its Paralympic Games spectator policy next week.

With over 45,000 nonhospitalized COVID-19 patients nationwide in a country of over 130 million people, the Japanese government announced that nearly 20,000 with the virus were staying at home within the greater Tokyo metropolitan area (of over 30 million residents). It appears the fifth wave of the pandemic and the decreasing number of hospital beds in Tokyo will lead the government to restrict its Paralympic venues to athletes, coaches, administrators, volunteers, and officials only.

It looks like Paralympic athletes like Jamal Hill will have to swim the fastest swims of his life with no fans in the stands.

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