Expect The Unexpected In The Men's Olympic 10K

Expect The Unexpected In The Men’s Olympic 10K

Images courtesy of NBCOlympics.com on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Expect the unexpected is the mantra of open water swimmers.

And it happened to Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil in yesterday’s women’s 10 km marathon race when her feeding stick was hit by a competitor at the feeding pontoon three times during the four-loop course.

It happened to another pre-race favorite, Spyridon Gianniotis of Greece, at the first feeding stop on the second lap.

Jack Burnell of Great Britain was invited to take the lead in the trailing pack by Oussama Mellouli, but he politely declined and continued to swim very controlled, very smoothly, and very intelligently. All kinds of tactics are being conducted in the chase groups, from backstroke transitions from the trailing pack leaders to taking different lines between turn buoys. But the race – still short of the halfway point (where Jarrod Poort unexpectedly sprinted out to a large lead) – is still early.

For the final Olympic 10K Marathon Swim results and recounting of the dramatic finish, read here.

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