Expedition White Shark On iPads And iPhones

Expedition White Shark On iPads And iPhones

Expedition White Shark is an iPhone and iPad app that allows tracking of Great White Sharks from a satellite array orbiting the earth. Scientists at the Marine Conservation Science Institute fitted Great White Sharks with custom-built satellite transmitters to enable this app.

The iPhone and iPad app enables receipt of live tracking data for the tagged Great White Sharks at the same time as the research scientists.

Positions for the tagged sharks are calculated when a shark is swimming at the surface with its dorsal fin out of the water for several minutes at the moment a tracking satellites is overhead.

The app features include

* real-time tracking of tagged white sharks on world map
* fun facts about sharks
* videos showing tagging and tracking of white sharks
* images and information on tagged white sharks
* maps and information on shark attacks along the western coast of North America
* Marine Conservation Science Institute Facebook feed with current shark conservation and research information
* a game that lets you experience the challenges a white shark faces as it grows up

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