Experience And Limitations In The Open Water

Experience And Limitations In The Open Water

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame pilot Michael Oram tells it like it is…always. He encourages and teaches English Channel aspirants to prepare well, hope for the best and place their trust in the decades of experience the English Channel pilots have in getting swimmers safely across to France.

Michael never pulls his punch or soft sells the sport. His words go straight to the gut – which is exactly what English Channel aspirants need to hear, especially for those who have not put in the years building up their experiences in shorter swims.

As Michael reminds the swimmers, “The words you all need to keep in your mind are —
Experience is something you usually gain, just after you need it. Know your limitations before you exceed them, as you will have to exceed them to achieve

In online and face-to-face discussions with veterans and newcomers alike, Michael shares gems of wisdom as a result of having planned, plotted and escorted hundreds of swimmers across the Channel, from those who are up there in their years and a bit slower to world record holder Petar Stoychev. “Channel swimming is not a comparison sport; they did it, so I can, is not the correct approach. It’s a personal challenge, you against yourself with all the help you can get along the way.”

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Steven Munatones