Experiencing Neoteny In The Open Water

Experiencing Neoteny In The Open Water

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The word neoteny is borrowed from the German word Neotenie, the latter constructed from the Greek νέος (neos meaning ‘young’) and τείνειν (teínein meaning ‘to extend’).

When adults retain traits of the young, the scientific term for this state is neoteny.

When we see adults enjoying competition, exploring swims that have never been done before, laughing with their friends after a training swim, and talking about the challenges of the cold or waves, the ambience is youthful. The swimmers look like they are extending their youth and are demonstrating an euphoric state of neoteny.

Photos of swimmers in San Francisco Bay above are by 1996 Olympic swimmer Dan Kutler who is launching a Kickstarter campaign to shoot a 6-month global campaign of open water swimmers around the world. For additional photos of his DK Studio, visit the Heroines of the Bay, Part 1 photos here, . Heroines of the Bay, Part 2 photos are here. Heroes of the Bay, Part 1 photos are here.

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