Explore and Discover Ireland’s Premier Wild Swimming Spots with “The Complete Book of Wild Swimming in Ireland”

Explore and Discover Ireland’s Premier Wild Swimming Spots with “The Complete Book of Wild Swimming in Ireland”

Unlock the secrets of Ireland’s most enchanting swimming spots with “The Complete Book of Wild Swimming in Ireland” by open water swimmers and authors, Maureen McCoy and Paul McCambridge. This 224-page guide, priced at £17.95 and available for purchase from wildswim.ie, offers a great resource for anyone looking to explore the rugged beauty of Ireland through swimming.

Maureen McCoy, a long-distance swimmer, has inspired swimmers with her triumphs in open water from the English Channel to Lough Erne. Paired with Paul McCambridge, whose photography has captured the essence of open water for over three decades, this book is a celebration of both the visual and visceral experience of swimming in the wild.

Each page of the book invites swimmers to discover new locations for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. From dramatic bays and magical waterfalls to secret coves and serene rivers, the guide provides detailed maps, practical information on access, parking, and swimming conditions to ensure a safe and exhilarating experience.

With their combined passion for swimming and advocacy for the open water, McCoy and McCambridge have crafted a book that transcends a typical guide—it’s a gateway to personal challenge and discovery. As the authors say, “It’s about inspiring you to discover new locations for swimming where you can escape the crowds and take the plunge in some of the most awe-inspiring corners of Ireland’s landscape.”

The launch has already garnered attention, with The Irish Times featuring excerpts and highlighting its significance for both novice swimmers and seasoned open water adventurers.

For those interested in a personal touch, signed copies with dedications are available directly from the authors via their website, making it a perfect gift for any swimming enthusiast or lover of Ireland’s natural landscapes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this essential guide to one of the most thrilling forms of adventure in the vast and varied waterscapes of Ireland’s hidden swimming treasures. Grab your copy on their website now (numbers are limited). If you can’t grab a copy now, the book will be available on Amazon in July.