Explore Grief and Solace Through Swimming in the Latest SwimOut Podcast Episode

Explore Grief and Solace Through Swimming in the Latest SwimOut Podcast Episode

In this profound episode of the SwimOut Podcast, titled “Grief – Solace Through Swimming,” hosts Vicki Carter and Hunter Charlton dive into the therapeutic qualities of open water swimming in times of grief. Vicki, a retired BBC World Service radio studio manager and seasoned Channel swimmer, and Hunter, a videographer, journalist, and fellow Channel swimmer, bring their personal and professional insights into the discussion. They engage with guests who share their touching stories of finding solace and healing in the water, offering listeners both inspiration and comfort. SwimOut Podcast was nominated for WOWSA’s Product/Service of the Year in 2022. Join them on Spotify to discover how swimming can be a powerful way to cope with and heal from personal loss.

This episode hosted by Vicki delves into personal stories of individuals who have found comfort and healing in the embrace of open waters during their darkest times.

The episode begins with Vicki’s conversation with Shannon House Keegan from Marathon Swim Stories, discussing the profound loss of their stillborn sons. This intimate talk sheds light on the unique journey of parental grief and the role that marathon swimming has played in their healing process.

Next, Dr. Catherine Kelly shares her emotional turmoil following her mother’s death and discusses her book “Blue Spaces,” which scientifically explores how water environments can significantly soothe the grieving soul. Dr. Kelly’s insights provide a compelling look at the therapeutic benefits of water, backed by her extensive research.

Kate Steels joins the conversation to discuss the tragic loss of her son to suicide and how undertaking the Ice Sevens Challenge—a formidable open water swimming feat—has been pivotal in her journey toward recovery. Kate’s story is not only about overcoming grief but also about the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.

Lastly, Vicki speaks with Cat Joy White about her evocative film “54 Days.” Cat shares how taking up open water swimming became a sanctuary for her after the loss of two loved ones, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of nature and endurance.

Listeners can find extended interviews with all guests to delve deeper into their stories:

For those who are navigating their paths through grief, you may also find solace and support from “The Good Grief Project.” Additionally, explore the profound book “When Words Are Not Enough,” featuring touching stories and beautiful photography from those who have found healing in swimming.

Listen to this moving episode on Spotify and experience how the vast, soothing waters of the world can offer solace and a new perspective on life after loss.

Photo: Hunter and Vicki