Extreme Success By All Extreme Measures

Extreme Success By All Extreme Measures

They did it. Unbelievable.

But Ger Kennedy got people to believe.

He said, “Where do I start really? [The relay across the North Channel in January] was three years in the making, but [we had] only four months of preparation to plan and find the best and safe way to achieve this impossible, [yet] possible, extreme relay in January across the toughest channel in the world So many people believed in my skills as a expedition leader and endurance swimmer to support us in making this happen.”

The team swam 35 km in 8.3°C (46.9°F) water with the air temperature dropping to 6.1°C (42.9°F). The actual swim distance was 42 km under the helm of Pádraig Mallon, Jacqueline McClelland and Milo Mccourt of the Infinity Channel Swimming with an observer from the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association to support The Gavin Glynn Foundation.

Extreme Winter Relay North Channel Swimmers


  • Ger Devin, Manager
  • Kelly Admriand, comedian
  • Edward Boag, super sub
  • Dr Darren Monaghan

McClelland reported on the 12 hour 51 minute crossing, “This swim was sanctioned by ILDSA under special circumstances. Specific criteria were set for qualification including medical [check]s, swim qualifiers at 8°C, etc. A doctor was on board with 15-minute post-swim observations including SpO2 levels, core body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure. Their vitals were re-assessed prior to the swimmer’s next rotation. 15-minute observations confirmed the swimmer’s stroke rate, water temperature, and air temperature during the swim. It was a well managed and successful swim – and the swim raised nearly €40,000 for the Gavin Glynn Foundation.”

Photo credit Graham Baalham-Curry & Liam Mc Cabe
Photo credit Graham Baalham-Curry & Liam Mc Cabe
Photo credit Graham Baalham-Curry & Liam Mc Cabe
Photo credit Graham Baalham-Curry & Liam Mc Cabe

To donate to the The Gavin Glynn Foundation charity, visit www.idonate.ie/TGGFSwimTeam.

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