Eyewitness Account of Sarah Ferguson’s Easter Island Circumnavigation Swim

Eyewitness Account of Sarah Ferguson’s Easter Island Circumnavigation Swim

Eyewitness Account of Sarah Ferguson’s Easter Island Circumnavigation Swim

Courtesy of Tod Hardin, Plastic Oceans International, Rapa Nui.

Plastic Oceans International, a non-profit organization working to end plastic pollution in the oceans, announced the publication of Swimming Easter Island, a book written by John McCarthy about Sarah Ferguson circumnavigation swim of Rapa Nui.

The 88-page book tells of John McCarthy‘s eyewitness account of Ferguson’s swim around Easter Island, known locally as Rapa Nui.

12 people have walked on the moon. Over 2,000 have climbed Mount Everest. Zero had ever swum around Easter Island,” said McCarthy. Cristian Vergara of Chile attempted a 61 km circumnavigation swim around Easter Island in 2016 that ended in 26 hours 52 minutes.

But Vergara’s pioneering swim enabled Ferguson to step into history which she did on March 16th 2019 after 19 hours 8 minutes.

It’s a swim that folklore draws from and I had to tell that story,” said McCarthy.

Ferguson’s challenge was part of Plastic Oceans’ Swim Against Plastic campaign. She endured jellyfish stings and overcame breathing problems related the high salt content of the water in the South Pacific. “Having spent most of my life on or near the ocean, I’m passionate about its conservation and solving the problem of plastic pollution,” said Ferguson. “This swim’s goal was to raise awareness on the issue and ultimately inspire others to rethink plastic. I think we achieved that and I believe John’s book is an extension of that experience and effort.”

Swimming Easter Island is the first book published by Plastic Oceans that dedicated to using all forms of media to inform, incite and inspire a movement to rethink plastic. “It’s an inspiring story of courage, determination, and environmental activism,” said Julie Andersen, Global Executive Director for Plastic Oceans. “It shows how the passion and drive of one woman was able to reach across global, cultural and political boundaries to unite a variety of people and organizations in her swim to raise awareness about plastic pollution.”

The book is available in paperback and eBook formats, and can be purchased at www.SwimmingEasterIsland.com or www.PlasticOceans.org.

Ferguson took part in her first ocean swim in Hawaii in 2011 where she made her decision to do something meaningful with her swimming. Since 2012, she has been competing in and pioneering ocean swims in and around South Africa and abroad to help raise awareness of single-use plastic pollution.

Plastic Oceans International is a non-profit organization working to end global plastic pollution. It aims to change consumer behavior, corporate and public policy, and foster solutions to plastic waste. Through solutions-focused films and digital content—complemented by research, education and awareness initiatives, Plastic Oceans promotes a global movement to rethink plastic.

For more information, visit www.SwimmingEasterIsland.com and www.PlasticOceans.org.

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