Failure Is Not Having The Courage To Try

Failure Is Not Having The Courage To Try

The Night Train Swimmers started shortly after 6 am yesterday off the Farallones Islands 30 miles west of San Francisco Bay, but they abandoned the swim for medical reasons after nearly 8 hours fighting large swells and sub-50°F (10°C) water.

Team captain Vito Bialla tweeted on the Night Train Swimmers website, “Swimmer matt davie severe hypothermia-so cold he couldn’t breathe. H20 -50, amazing swells, incredible team already planning attempt 2.”

He later wrote, “Seas ok 10 to 12 foot waves, but cold has little mercy. Failure is not necessarily not completing a mission. Failure is not having the courage to try in the first place.”

Phil Cutti (shown above), exercise physiologist at Stanford University and the first swimmer in the water, was interviewed by the Mercury News after the relay was halted. “I was shaking uncontrollably for 10 minutes when they pulled me out [of the cold water].” Phil reported that no Great White Sharks were sighted on the sunny day where the team started out in calm water that later turned into a rough-and-tumble struggle in the open ocean.

A video of the Night Train Swimmers‘ effort in the sub-50°F (10°C) water is here.

Nature won this round, but the match is not over.

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Steven Munatones