Fergal Somerville Crosses The North Channel

Fergal Somerville Crosses The North Channel

Milko van Gool reported that Fergal Somerville completed the first North Channel crossing of this year in 12 hours 21 minutes on June 16th.

While he started out fast and looked to threaten the record after the first 8 hours, he missed the men’s record of 11 hours 21 minutes set in 1970 by the venerable Kevin Murphy.

Somerville completed the treacherous swim across the 35 km channel on his second attempt.

His first attempt in July 2012 did not culminate in a triumphant walk up the shoreline, but the Irish open water swimmer did it this year, despite the water that was a constant 9ºC (48.2ºF) throughout his swim.

Note: The fastest 3 times in history were set by Alison Streeter in 1988 in 9 hours 54 minutes, in 1989 in 10 hours 4 minutes, and in 1997 in 10 hours 2 minutes.

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