Fergil Hesterman Win IISA World Cup Series

Fergil Hesterman Win IISA World Cup Series

Courtesy of International Ice Swimming Association, Murmansk, Russia.

The IISA First World Cup Series was a three-stage series in Veitsbronn, Germany and Murmansk, Russia, but the third and final stage in Tyumen, Russia was cancelled.

26-year-old Fergil Hesterman of the Netherlands [shown above in swimming an Ice Mile in Lesotho, Africa at 3,048 meter altitude in 3°C water] finished second in the IISA 3rd World Championship Ice Kilometer in 12:42:89, but was the inaugural winner of the IISA World Cup Series.

IISA World Cup Series Results:
1. Fergil Hesterman (Netherlands), 170 points
2. Christof Wandratsch Germany, 140 points
3. Sven Elfferich (Netherlands) / Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria), 100 points
4. Stefan Runge (Germany), 80 points
5. Владислав Сапожников (Russia), 75 points
6. Jakub Valnicek (Czech Republic), 65 points
7. Paul Eugen Dorin Georgescu (Romania), 55 points
8. Stefan Göritzer (Germany) / James Leitch (Great Britain), 45 points

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