Ferry Finishes First In FINA

Ferry Finishes First In FINA

Courtesy of FINA, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The overall winner of the 2018 FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series title was Dutch Olympic and world champion Ferry Weertman.

Despite wrapping up his long season with a 7th-place finish in the10 km race held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates this last Friday, Ferry had enough to best second-place Jack Burnell of Great Britain.

The 2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year nominee was obviously satisfied with his season.

It’s the first time for me that I managed to compete in the series and win. I had Olympic, World, and European titles – only the [FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim] World Series was missing. Now, it’s done. Moreover, finishing the year with a race like this in Abu Dhabi is fantastic.

The highlight in 2018 was my victory in Doha – it was my first series’ victory. I very much liked the overall experience – travelling to so many places, meeting the same people all the time. We are really an open water family. Now, it’s train, train and train to make the cut for the Olympics in 2020

2018 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nominees:
1. Benoît Lecomte (France/USA)
2. Cameron Bellamy (South Africa)
3. Diego López Dominguez (Canary Islands)
4. Ferry Weertman (Netherlands)
5. Igor Lukin (Russia)
6. Ion Lazarenco Tiron (Republic of Moldava)
7. John Batchelder (USA)
8. José Luis Larrosa Chorro (Spain)
9. Kristóf Rasovszky (Hungary)
10. Lewis Pugh (Great Britain/South Africa)
11. Maarten van der Weijden (Netherlands)
12. Ned Denison (Ireland/USA)
13. Rohan More (India)
14. Vladimir Mravec (Slovakia/Australia)
15. Yaroslav Pronin (Belarus)

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