FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup - Cancun

FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup – Cancun

Andreas Waschburger passed by his German teammate Thomas Lurz at the very end of the race when Thomas stopped just as he entered the finish chute.

I wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction,” he explained. “There were two guys on my left [outside of the finish chute], so I wanted to make sure.”

Andreas, however, put no brakes on his speeding train and just nipped Thomas at the very end of an entertaining and exciting finish. Alex Meyer of the USA who had been sitting in a distant fifth position definitely got the benefit of his opponents’ navigational error and finished in third.

On the women’s side, Poliana Okimoto of Brazil turned on the jets at the end of the race and is now back on track where she left off in 2010 – on top of the women’s 10K heap. Eva Risztov of Hungary clearly came in second and demonstrated her ability to up her speed at the end of a race.

The final results with a few sights and sounds of the men’s and women’s race below:

1. Andreas Waschburger (Germany) 1:53:58
2. Thomas Lurz (Germany) 1:53:59
3. Alex Meyer (USA) 1:54:04
4. Petar Stoychev (Bulgaria) 1:54:21
5. Sergiy Fesenko (Azerbaijan) 1:54:21
6. Mark Warkentin (USA) 1:54:25
7. Yuri Kudinov (Kazakhztan) 1:54:28
8. Christian Reichert (Germany) 1:54:29
9. Luis Escobar (Mexico) 1:54:31
10. Ivan Lopez (Mexico) 1:54:44
11. Simon Tobin (Canada) 1:55:25
12. Valerio Cleri (Italy) 1:55:36
13. Joseph Kleindl (Germany) 1:55:39
14. Gercsak Csaba (Hungary) 1:55:41
15. Richard Weinberger (Canada) 1:56:15
16. Manuel Chiu (Mexico) 1:57:30
17. Alan Rojas (Mexico) 1:59:27
18. Zachary Parkes (Canada) 1:59:28
DQ – Michael Dmitrier (Israel)

1. Poliana Okimoto (Brazil) 2:01:58
2. Eva Risztov (Hungary) 2:02:00
3. Isabell Donath (Germany) 2:01:01
4. Haley Anderson (USA) 2:02:02
5. Angela Maurer (Germany) 2:02:02
6. Christine Jennings (USA) 2:02:03
7. Nadine Reichert (Germany) 2:02:03
8. Swann Oberson (Switzerland) 2:02:04
9. Alejandra Gonzalez (Mexico) 2:02:06
10. Teja Zupan (Slovenia) 2:02:36
11. Zaira Cardenas (Mexico) 2:02:36
12. Lena Stiefvatter (Germany) 2:02:36
13. Nadine Williams (Canada) 2:03:03
14. Antje Mahn (Germany) 2:03:06
15. Inha Kotsur (Azerbaijan) 2:03:22
16. Cindy Carolina Toscano Merida (Guatemala) 2:04:11
17. Rony Stein (Israel) 2:22:37

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