Find Your Part In The LOST Documentary Film

Find Your Part In The LOST Documentary Film

Rob Kent has been heading LOST (Lake Ontario Swim Team) for years and now a documentary film will be made of the active open water swimming club and how it evolved over the past 16 years.

On February 26th, the filming will begin at Shell Beach at the west end of Oakville in southern Ontario, Canada.

Kent made a public request, “The producers are going to have to rely on old videos and pictures from previous seasons.  I have lots of pictures, but not tons of videos.  So if swimmers have any video footage of any type from LOST or the LOST Races, please email them directly to: Santiago Belalcazar at”

LOST was nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year, “L.O.S.T. Swimming has established its much-appreciated niche and found its way in Lake Ontario and throughout many far-flung venues around the world. The brainchild of endurance athlete Rob Kent, the Lake Ontario Swim Team has grown rapidly to accept athletes from all backgrounds and persuasions, ranging from bioprene to neoprene, as well as instigating and inspiring the new and popular Canadian Open Water Swim Series. From organizing and encouraging long, tough solo marathon swims across Lake Ontario between America and Canada to offering frequent training sessions for triathletes and newcomers, Kent and his like-minded enthusiastic colleagues at L.O.S.T. make open water swimming fun and enjoyable, inviting and attainable, cool and respectable. For his sense of inclusion, for his relentless encouragement of all things open water, for his motivational newsletter and educational website, L.O.S.T. Swimming is a worthy nominee for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.”

Rob Kent is shown above with 2012 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year Annaleise Carr and marathon swimmer and fellow LOSTie Madhu Nagaraja.

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