Finding A Cure Around St. Catherines, A Georgia Barrier Island

Finding A Cure Around St. Catherines, A Georgia Barrier Island

Jennifer Perewiznyk Bew is attempting a 25.5-mile aquathlon, which she is calling GA Coastal Aquathons, where she will complete a clockwise circumnavigation of running and swimming around St. Catherines, a barrier island in the state of Georgia in the United States.

The aquathon adventure begins on the northern tip of the island with two beach runs interspersed between two short swims across inlets. At the southern point, Perewiznyk will transition to a 13.5-mile swim.

The final stage will be in the Georgia Intercoastal Waterway along the shore until she reaches North Beach where she began on St Catherines Island. She is running and swimming as a charity event for CURE Childhood Cancer and will follow this course:

Stage 1 is a 3-mile run to Seaside Inlet.
Stage 2 is a 0.2-mile swim across Seaside Inlet.
Stage 3 is a 1.5-mile run to McQueens Inlet.
Stage 4 is a 0.25-mile swim across the inlet.
Stage 5 is a 7-mile run to South Beach.
Stage 6 is a 13.5-mile swim in the Intercoastal Waterway, heading north in Johnson Creek to North Newport river to Walburg Creek, finishing at North Beach in St Catherines Sound.

I’m so excited to hit that beach and get the actual show on the road. Until then, I’m just training away,” said Perewiznyk. “Making my steps to go further and further.”

Georgia’s barrier islands run 150 miles along the Atlantic coast and are semitropical scenic islands of sandy beaches, creeks and rivers. St Catherines Island is a 10 mile (16 km) long, 1-3 mile (5 km) wide island with more than half are tidal marsh and wetlands. It is owned by a foundation and is not open to the public.

For more information on Perewiznyk’s adventure, visit here.

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