Finding The Fountain Of Youth In The Open Water

Finding The Fountain Of Youth In The Open Water

As more and more people join the Half Century Club and do marathon swims, extreme swims and adventure swims in waterways around the world, they are fascinating examples of the Fountain of Youth.

On land, some teenagers and young adults (ages 14-26) are wired to believe they are invincible and capable of doing outlandish extreme activities under inhospitable or high-risk conditions (whether at play or at war). But marathon swimmers, extreme swimmers and adventure swimmers of middle age and beyond (i.e., over 40 years) have taken this mentality and developed it as older adults.

Their psychology is in direct contrast to normal human behavior. That is, as we age, we usually become more conservative.

So while risk-taking is a function of age, open water swimmers are finding and experiencing the Fountain of Youth. In other words, humans generally take more risks when they are younger and delve into fewer risks when they advance in age. But open water swimmers are prime examples of a reversal of this mentality. That is, as swimmers age, they are seemingly taking on even greater and more frequent risks – swimming further (in terms of time and distance) and/or swimming under increasingly risky conditions (i.e., in rougher water, in colder water or with marine life).

The psychology of this reverse of normal human thinking is fascinating and is one example of how older open water swimmers have found the Fountain of Youth.

Photo of the Mighty Mermaids.

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Steven Munatones