Finding Support In The Water And On Land

Tori Gorman was overwhelmed with the support she received for her 14 hour 12 minute crossing of the English Channel in July – both in the water and on land.

Massive thanks to Mike Oram and crew for their great work in landing me on the Cap Gris Nez. The sprint finish was like nothing I have ever experienced against that crazy tide. And the feeling of relief at standing on rocks will never leave me…just like the nice scar I’ll have on my leg form the barnacles. What an awesome and overwhelming feeling yesterday was,” said the 30-year-old Australian.

Huge shout out to Freda, Barrie, Irene, Michelle and the rest of the incredible beach crew who made the last 3 weekends in Dover waiting for the weather to open far more enjoyable and supportive.”

And Gorman received a whole lot of support from donors who helped raise over $60,000 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. “A good family friend of ours has three kids my age – two of whom have both been diagnosed with MS. I shared my journey of training, racing and preparing for 2 years through my website, Twitter and social media and brought everyone on the journey with me.”

The majority people donated before her swim as her journey tugged on the heart strings of her followers and fans. “The preparation in itself that I undertook was enough to inspire most people to donate. I feel very privileged to have been supported by so many people to achieve my goal. I also feel very privileged to be able to show people how with commitment, determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goal.”

And determination was deep within Gorman’s DNA. “I only became a long distance swimmer two and a half years ago and through dedication and amazing support I was able to push myself through all the trials, tribulations and challenges to reach the ultimate of becoming an English Channel swimmer. I love being able to share my journey and inspire others to set themselves a goal of something that could potentially seem impossible. Setting a goal like this and achieving it allows people to see how they too can turn the impossible into possible.

It’s a very satisfying feeling knowing you can improve and help so many other people over the course of achieving a personal goal. And there is nothing like knowing that your 14 hours of suffering will end, whereas those with MS have a lifetime of suffering. It is a very motivating factor.” Multiple Sclerosis in Australia and the UK will use the $60,000 to support people living with MS and research into finding a cure.

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Steven Munatones