Finding True North: New Memoir 'Limitless' by Nuala Moore Now Available

Finding True North: New Memoir ‘Limitless’ by Nuala Moore Now Available

On September 10, the world will get its first glimpse of ‘Limitless’, the memoir of the pioneer open water swimmer Nuala Moore.

Nuala Moore is an Irish swimmer known for cutting through icy waters. She’s swum a mile from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans through the treacherous Drake Passage, a 1,000-metre swim at zero degrees in Murmansk, Russia, a relay swim across the Bering Strait between Russia and the US and was a member of a 6 member relay team that swam around the island of Ireland in 2006, over 56 days and over 800 nautical miles.

But ‘Limitless’ is not just a chronicle of these achievements. The book pulls back the curtain, letting readers step right into Nuala’s mindset,. What drives someone to take on such dangerous challenges? How does one process the magnitude of such accomplishments? The memoir seeks to answer these questions and more.

A recurring theme in Nuala’s life is the sea. From her earliest memories of leaping off her father’s fishing boat in Dingle Harbour to her marathon swims in some of the world’s most daunting waters, the sea has been both her playground and her proving ground. It’s where she found freedom, faced her fears, and discovered her “true north”.

“Limitless’ is also a story of balance and sacrifice. Behind the accolades and adventures was a woman grappling with work-life balance and the responsibilities of caring for her father. These challenges led her to the world of ice swimming. A discipline that, in her words, offered “freedom” and a chance to rediscover herself.

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In ‘Limitless’, Nuala Moore shares her belief that everyone has the potential for greatness. Through her journey, she hopes to inspire others to find their own version of ‘limitless’, to push boundaries, and to discover what truly drives them.

Limitless: From Dingle to Cape Horn, Finding My True North in the Earth’s Vastest Oceans

Nuala Moore is an Irish open water swimmer and adventurer. She has spent decades as a scuba-diving professional and has been involved in developing standards and procedures both in ice and channel swimming. She holds two Guinness World Records for extreme cold-water swimming. She is a pioneer, a cold-water safety specialist, a coach, a mentor, an event organiser and an endurance swimmer who has pushed the boundaries for women in extreme sports.