FINIS Releases The Axis Buoy

FINIS Releases The Axis Buoy

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

FINIS officially announced its release of the Axis Buoy, a dual-function pull buoy.

After more than a year of research and development, FINIS has started to sell the much-anticipated product to the market. The device can be used as a traditional buoy, which isolates the legs and utilizes the core and upper body muscles, but it also can be used as an ankle float. Using the Axis Buoy as an ankle float encourages better body alignment and a more horizontal body position on the surface of the water, which helps to increase stroke efficiency.

It’s great, the device is interchangeable and makes it easier to focus on body line in the water,” says two-time Olympic swimmer Roy Burch.

The Axis Buoy takes a traditional tool and gives it a modern twist to help swimmers of all ages and abilities. “The Axis Buoy is so great because it is a tool that can be used by every swimmer. The time and thought that went into making this product is a testament to our great team here at FINIS and I truly believe that the Axis Buoy is going to change the world of swimming,” says FINIS co-founder John Mix.

The Axis Buoy is made of durable EVA foam that doesn’t itch and cause irritation. The ergonomical design allows the device to be easily moved from the upper legs to the ankles. The Axis Buoy is available starting today at or local swimming specialty retailers.

An open water swimming review of the Axis Buoy is here. “John Mix and his team of designers came up with another innovative FINIS design that will help swimmers of all levels. They had to figure out the optimal materials, molds and manufacturing processes to make this multi-use buoy,” says Steven Munatones. “It is as versatile as a swimming tool can be. I am going to take this new buoy on trips so I can have an all-in-one pull buoy and kickboard. It is also really good in the open water, although I had to carry it in my hands through the heavy surf in Huntington Beach.

I felt it working on my core in a way that traditional kickboards and pull buoys can never accomplish. In a way, the buoy also reminds me of the days back in the 1960s and 1970s when swimmers used black rubber pulling bands tied on our ankles – but it is now in a form factor for the 21st century.

Remarkably, the Axis Buoy also serves as a very comfortable pillow to use on the deck of an escort boat, in the bleachers by a swimming pool, on the beach, or on a long flight in an airplane. You can’t beat that for versatility and utility

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