FinishLynx Takes The Guesswork Out Of Photo Finishes

FinishLynx Takes The Guesswork Out Of Photo Finishes

Two FinishLynx® cameras are used at the finish of the 2010 World Open Water Swimming Championships in order to help the officials judge the proper finish of the athletes – who often come in large packs barreling to the finish.

FinishLynx® is the world’s most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system.

The system, utilized by Powerhouse Timing, the company responsible for timing at the world championships, accurately and visually captures the athletes frame-by-frame – an extremely important function because several athletes often come sprinting across the finish nearly at the same time at the championships.

With the water temperature on the rise again today, there will be some fast racing and close finishes.

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Steven Munatones