First Dip Of Summer

First Dip Of Summer

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

With the water in Camlough Lake in Ireland about 10-11ºC (50-51.8ºF), the community is heading to the shoreline.

This event poster provides a great imagery for the reality of the first open water swim of the event.

There are the confident swimmers – swimmers who have acclimated to the cold throughout winter and spring. These are the hardy folks, the hardened swimmers. They look out towards the horizon as they walk in the water, seemingly and factually impervious to the cold. They do not shiver; they smile afterwards.

Then there are the less-hardened swimmers – swimmer who have not acclimated to the cold throughout the winter and spring. These are open water swimmers through and through, but less motivated and not committed to swim in the brutal conditions of winter. They look down at their feet, face aimed towards the water surface, anxious to prove their cold-water worth, but factually worried about the conditions. They shiver and shake, but they also smile afterwards.

Cheers to them all.

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Steven Munatones