First-Ever Open Water "Doggy Swim" Event at Chipstead Lake

First-Ever Open Water “Doggy Swim” Event at Chipstead Lake

TriSwim successfully introduced its first “Doggy Swim” event at Chipstead Lake, Kent, England. This unique gathering allowed both dogs and their owners to enjoy the refreshing waters of the lake, engaging in activities that ranged from ball-chasing to swimming side by side.

The event, which was led by TriSwim founder Laura Ansell, saw participation from 15 dogs and their owners. “Seeing our furry friends frolic in the water, you have to ask why it took us so long to organize an event like this,” Ansell remarked. She expressed pride in TriSwim being the only local venue offering such a distinctive experience for pets and their owners.

Safety and enjoyment were top priorities at the event. The lake underwent thorough testing to ensure the water was safe for both human and canine swimmers. Additionally, lifeguards were on duty to oversee all the activities and ensure everyone’s safety.

The event took place from 5 pm to 7 pm, with entry limitations to prevent overcrowding—with 30 spots were available. For those without a canine companion, the event also provided the opportunity to “borrow” a dog for a swim.

TriSwim has confirmed the next “Doggy Swim” for May 19, encouraging early registration due to the event’s popularity. The cost is £8.50 for members and £11.50 for non-members. Children under 16 can join for free with a paying adult, although they must be supervised.

Beyond the unique joy of swimming with dogs, cold water swimming offers multiple health benefits. It enhances circulation, boosts the immune system, increases metabolism, and can improve the condition of skin and hair by closing pores and cuticles. More importantly, it builds mental strength and builds a sense of community.

Following the success of the inaugural swim, TriSwim is eagerly planning future sessions, not only for dog owners but also for all open water swimming enthusiasts.