Florian Wellbrock Dominates The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim

Florian Wellbrock Dominates The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim

Florian Wellbrock completely dominated the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the Tokyo Olympics in unprecedented fashion.

He led from start to finish with only a slight mid-race purposeful lapse when he let Marc-Antoine Olivier and Kristóf Rasovszky alternatively and temporarily take the pack lead. On the final loop, Wellbrock just laid down the hammer and steadily pulled away from the most elite of marathon swimmers.

That was simply audacious,” observed Steven Munatones of Wellbrock’s gold medal performance. “Florian literally took off from the start and never looked back, he never doubted himself or his strategy. That kind of domination was so impressive, and unexpected. He dropped gold medalists like Ferry Weertman, Ous Mellouli and Gregorio Paltrinieri. He dropped world champions like Kristóf Rasovszky and Jordan Wilimovsky, and his training partner Rob Muffels.”

He pulled off a Mellouli Double with a bronze medal in the 1500m freestyle to combine with his gold medal in the 10 km marathon swim. Similarly, Paltrinieri also achieved a Mellouli Double with a silver in the 800m freestyle and a bronze in the 10 km event. But the namesake for the achievement, Ous Mellouli, only managed to take 20th place in the 29.3°C water (84.7°F).
Play-by-play commentary was provided by Sid Cassidy and Steven Munatones during a 2.5-hour WOWSA livecast.

Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Results:

Gold: Florian Wellbrock (Germany, 23) 1:48:33.70
Silver: Kristóf Rasovszky (Hungary, 24) 1:48:59.00
Bronze: Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy, 26) 1:49:01.10
4. Matan Roditi (Israel, 22) 1:49:24.90
5. Athanasios Kynigakis (Greece, 22) 1:49:29.20
6. Marc-Antoine Olivier (France, 25) 1:50:23.00
7. Ferry Weertman (Netherlands, 29) 1:51:30.80
8. Michael McGlynn (South Africa, 21) 1:51:32.70
9. Hau-Li Fan (Canada, 23) 1:51:37.00
10. Jordan Wilimovsky (USA, 27) 1:51:40.20
11. Rob Muffels (Germany, 26) 1:53:03.30
12. Kai Graeme Edwards (Australia, 22) 1:53:04.00
13. Taishin Minamide (Japan, 25) 1:53:07.50
14. Mario Sanzullo (Italy, 28) 1:53:08.60
15. David Farinango (Ecuador, 20) 1:53:09.80
16. Phillip Seidler (Namibia, 23) 1:53:14.10
17. Daniel Delgadillo (Mexico, 31) 1:53:14.40
18. Alberto Martinez (Spain, 23) 1:53:16.50
19. Kirill Abrosimov (Russian Olympic Committee, 29) 1:54:29.30
20. Ous Mellouli (Tunisia, 37) 1:56:33.30
21. Vitaliy Khudyakov (Kazakhstan, 26) 1:57:53.70
22. William Yan Thorley (Hong Kong, 18) 1:58:33.40
23. Tiago Campos (Portugal, 22) 1:59:42.00
24. Matej Kozubek (Czech Republic, 25) 2:01:52.10
DNF Hector Thomas Cheal Pardoe (Great Britain, 20)
DNF David Aubry (France, 24)

Olympic 10K Marathon Swim champion Florian Wellbrock

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