Florida Open Water Swimming All-Stars To Be Selected

Florida Open Water Swimming All-Stars To Be Selected

Sid Cassidy reports that in addition to the tough competition at the elite level at tomorrow’s Nike Swim Miami, the event is also serving as the Florida Gold Coast’s 2010 Open Water Junior Olympic Championships and the selection meet to name the Florida Gold Coast’s very first Open Water All-Star Team.

Florida Gold Coast’s Open Water All-Star Team will compete in USA Swimming’s first open water swimming dual meet between two local swim committees.

Florida Gold Coast will name its top six swimmers (both genders) in the 11-12 one-mile race plus the top six of both genders from the 13-14 and 15-18 5K races to its All-Star Team for a total of 36 athletes. The 36 athletes will be led by six All-Star coaches and six chaperones for an overnight bus trip to Ft. Myers Florida on June 10-11.

As organizer Sid Cassidy explains, it will be a very competitive, yet collegial, opportunity for young, promising swimmers from the Sunshine State. “We will arrive at Ft. Myers Beach on Friday afternoon for a joint clinic with the Florida All-Stars to be followed by a cook-out on the beach, a bonfire and some fun by the sea. Gregg Cross will assist me as the event coordinator for Florida Swimming. Florida Swimming is selecting their competitors based on the distance freestyle events in their pool Junior Olympic Meet. On Saturday, it will be all business as Florida’s best age-group open water swimmers will square off against the best Florida swimmers in the ocean. Points in each age-group will be tallied in traditional cross-country scoring manner that will provide plenty of excitement as swimmers vie to get their names on the Inaugural Sunshine Cup.”

Sid describes how this all came about. “The Florida Gold Coast Board of Directors dedicated a significant amount of resources to the success of this venture and Florida Swimming has graciously opened their doors of their traditional Open Water Junior Olympic Meet to allow this event to occur. It is our intent to provide a model that other local swim committees in the US may choose to follow to promote excellence in age-group open water swimming.”

The overall dual goals in mind include providing these deserving, aspiring distance swimmers with some great race experience and a boat load of fun.

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