Foggle, As Good As Advertised

Foggle, As Good As Advertised

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The bane of every swimmer is foggy goggles. Squint a bit to let the water seep in and the fog goes away. For a time. Then the goggles fog up a bit.

Foggy goggles has been our problem all our aquatic lives.

We use two pairs of goggles, alternating the goggles at each workout. Each pair has the similar amount of wear-and-tear and accumulation of build-up in its lenses.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we took a Foggle towelette and wiped one pair clean. It was easy and quick. We wiped one pair of goggles and compared it to the other pair (see above). A few wipes of the Foggle on the lenses and voilà…the Foggled goggles were as good as new.

We found Foggle to be as good as advertised. No more fog, no no crud, no more build-up making it much easier to see the beautiful coral or the clock at the end of the pool. Without foggy goggles, it is easier to see the bubbles of the swimmer in front in order to draft and easier to see a far-away turn buoy.

SBR Sports did a great job with its Foggle, a moist, reusable towelette. No more squinting and no need to carefully let in a little bit of water to swish around your goggle lens.

Trapped in an environment when we can see little and hear even less, open water swimming is sport where sensory deprivation is a given.

But when goggles fog, the world of the open water swimmer turns inward even more. But SBR Sports resolves those times when foggy goggles can lead to frustration. Crystal-clear vision is the result, opening up a new window of the open water swimming world.

Each Foggle towelette can be used multiple times (5–6 applications). It is available in individual wipes, a pack of 6, or a box of 48.

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Steven Munatones
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