Foi Muita Adrenalina!  A Prova Foi Pura Emoção!

Foi Muita Adrenalina! A Prova Foi Pura Emoção!

Foi muita adrenalina! A prova foi pura emoção! Excitação!

Many parents, brothers, sisters, and spouses go watch their loved ones compete at the FINA World Championships. But few pour out the passionate fervor as Ana Patricia Cunha of Brazil.

Cunha is a joy to watch during open water swimming competitions. Her daughter, Ana Marcela Cunha is one of the world’s best swimmers and consistently fights for a medal.

You can tell that both mother and daughter invest a lot of emotion, exude a lot of energy, and explode with emotion during and after their races. Their love of sport and their passion for swimming is absolutely infectious. You cannot help but smile and cheer along with them. “It was a lot of adrenaline [during the race]. The race was pure emotion, excitement!

With a 10 km and a 25 km race still yet let to go in Barcelona, Ana Patricia has a lot more cheering, waving, and dancing to do when her daughter Ana Marcela takes to the water.

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