Follow Meredith Novack Via New Mobile App

Follow Meredith Novack Via New Mobile App

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Meredith Novack is the subject of a new mobile app via FanHero.

The Honolulu-based Novack explains, “There are only a few professional athletes in the entire world that have their very own app – I am the first from Oahu.

This app is a fan’s dream – it has live streaming capabilities (TV and video) and gives all social media platforms at the touch of one button.

I am dedicated to showing the world the real picture. We are so used to seeing edited and perfect pictures of athletes standing on top of podiums that most don’t understand the sacrifice, commitment and pressure. I just wanted to share how this new app is an exciting first for Hawaii and also to share that my next big adventure – attacking the famous and grueling Molokai-to-Oahu 26-mile swim (men’s record, of course) is this fall

Her Molokai Channel crossing will be in advance of her 220-mile (354 km) stage swim around the island of Oahu, called the Swim Around Oahu, set for September 2017.

Novack’s app – that goes live today – is available on iTunes.

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